Out of the mist, a new world rises
Will you bring order, or let chaos reign?

Introducing Project Resurgence, a narrative-driven roleplaying game set in a unique fantasy/sci-fi world. Begin by customizing your character’s background, skillset, and appearance; then delve into a gritty, highly reactive world. In this mysterious land, brimming with danger, there are no right or wrong answers: only choice and consequence. You must explore, sneak, con, and fight to survive. And maybe, just maybe, Dehrgada will remember your name.

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Story & Lore

“If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us it's that life will not be contained. Life breaks free, it expands to new territories and crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously.”
- Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park)

Long ago, a deadly black Mist spread over the world of Lumen and forced the people to flee underground. They split into five tribes, and lived independently until the Mist began to recede over a thousand years ago. Upon returning to the surface, they found the land blackened and scarred, littered with towering spikes of black onyx and pools of luminous liquid. Slowly, life returned to the land, as it always does. The entirety of the known world consists of the southeastern tip of a large continent, and the five islands off its coast. Everything else is still shrouded in Mist. The grand capital of Dehrgada City has been built on the mainland, combing the culture and aesthetics of all 5 tribes.

This is where our story begins, and a legacy forged that forever changed the world.

  • Cycle of Destruction

    Destruction is integral to this world, yet death also brings life. The Mist scoured the old world and allowed the new to rise from those ashes, built on the remains of those who came before. Survival of the fittest, adapt or perish. As the people struggle to reclaim the land, a question looms over them: is their world doomed to be consumed once more? Will they inevitably repeat the mistakes of the past, or can the cycle be broken? These are the questions you will confront throughout the game, and your choices will ultimately decide.

  • Order vs. Chaos

    One of the overarching conflicts is the ongoing battle between two factions: the steadfast Dehrgada Guard and the rebellious Opal Truth. One represents order, reliable and secure but unyielding and immutable. The other represents chaos, unpredictable and volatile but with the ability to bring about real change. Neither group can be considered wholly “good” or “evil;” the truth is a matter of perspective. The struggle between these two factions is surging toward all out war. Will you favor honor and stability, or freedom and defiance?

  • Dark Fantasy + Grounded Dieselpunk

    The world of Lumen is one infused with both magic and technology. The Cataclysm, while destructive, also endowed the world with unique properties that fostered several distinct disciplines. Some tribes favored technology, propelling them into a booming industrial age. Other tribes focused on the natural world, living simply and in harmony with nature. Others still found ways to harness the crystalline mineral “ambrosia,” to bend reality to their will. Though each tribe has its favored school of thought, ultimately they each use whatever they can to get by in this unforgiving world.

  • Connectivity & Reactivity

    You will be confronted with many choices in Project Resurgence: free your enemies or kill them; trust companions or betray them; follow a path of order, chaos, or forge your own somewhere in between. These choices and their consequences will have both immediate and long term repercussions, branching the story and giving real weight and meaning to every decision. The story reacts to you, just as you react to it, and these decisions will persist through all subsequent episodes.

Gameplay Pillars

Freedom is the key here.

Like pen and paper RPGs, we want to give you just as much control over your character’s personality as your statistics.

And the world will respond accordingly.

  • Branching Highly Reactive Storyline

    • Immediate and long term reactions to your choices
    • Tailored dialog options for your specific character
    • Branching semi-linear storyline for discovery at your own pace
  • Multiple Balanced Power Sources

    • Utilize any or all of the 3 Affinities: Physical, Technical, and Ambrosial
    • Affinities synergize to enhance like abilities and equipment
    • Affinities are not mutually exclusive, mix and match as you please
  • Lifelike Companion Characters

    • Companions have their own desires, goals, and flaws
    • Your actions build trust with your group, and may spark romance
    • Piss them off and they’ll pick a fight, desert, or even betray you
  • Turn-Based & Real-Time Combat

    • Adapt to the situation and switch modes mid-combat
    • Use Real-Time w/ pause for a frantic strategic action experience
    • Use Turn-Based to command your allies with methodical precision
  • Classless Character Development

    • Characters can be as focused or versatile as you like, no restrictions
    • Level up to increase your statistics, and options in and out of combat
    • Seek out masters to hone your abilities or train you in new ones
  • Non-violent Objective Resolution

    • Sometimes stealth and diplomacy are more useful than a blade
    • Almost every combat situation can be avoided, if you posses the right skills
    • Persuade, intimidate, lie, reason, bribe, and flirt to reach your goals

Inspiration & Vision

This is our love letter to the games that captured our imaginations and showed us what a reactive storytelling medium truly could be.

We hope to recreate that excitement of discovery and desire to get lost in a world both new and familiar.

Project Resurgence has as many inspirations as its creators have interests, but the chief among those is classic roleplaying games of the late 90s and early 2000s. These games captured the freedom, immersion, and deep lore of their tabletop predecessors in a way few games had at that time, and even after all these years they still fill us with the same sense of wonder and adventure they evoked upon first release. It is our greatest hope to create an experience that both harkens back to these great titles, and also innovates wherever possible. Not only do we want to make Project Resurgence the first successful episodic RPG, but also take a much more progressive stance in the diversity of our characters and storylines. No chainmail bikinis, stereotypical minorities, or women as one-dimensional sex objects.

If you’ve read this far, hopefully you’re frothing at the mouth to get your hands on this little project of ours. We’ll be taking Project Resurgence to Kickstarter very soon, so I can’t thank you enough for taking an interest in our passion project. It’s people like you who put some faith in the little guy, and hopefully together we can create something truly amazing. If you share these sentiments, please don’t wait. Sign up now to be the first to know when we go live on Kickstarter, and please take this journey with us. Let’s dive into the Mists together!

My most sincere thanks,

Robert Buchheit
Co-founder and Creative Director