Resurgence Caption Contest

Hey guys, we’re running a caption contest this week that ends Friday night! All you have to do is go to our Facebook page, and caption the image above. The best entry wins exclusive early access to play our vertical slice demo. We’re looking for clever banter, like you hope to see in Resurgence, that fits the scene depicted. A heavy does of wit and knowledge of the lore are highly encouraged :)

Is this a game of chance gone wrong? A blackmail attempt? A mercenary interview? Or just a couple of chums passing the time? Show us what you’ve got!


User Interface: Where Game Data Meets Elegance

Hi guys! I’m Jean Charles (JC for short), the User Interface Designer for Project Resurgence. Have you ever held a job both obscure yet primordial? Something that, when your relatives ask, “ So, what do you do for a living?” your stumbling generalizations leave them completely confused? This always happens when I show Project Resurgence’s art and screenshots, and I’m asked what my participation in all this is. At this point, I usually scratch my head and fumble out, “UI…User Interface.” Continue reading User Interface: Where Game Data Meets Elegance