A City in Turmoil: Shield Legion vs Opal Truth

Excerpt from A City in Turmoil by I. Greystone:

“Dehrgada City. A shining beacon of light for all Tribes. Once a small settlement for disparate groups dissatisfied with their homelands, after the Twenty Year War finally drew to a close. With the defeat of the Children of Baric and the liberation of their Ashurad slaves, it was established into the sprawling metropolis it is today. It has become the largest trading hub, connecting all of the five Tribal homelands, and has been adopted as a new home by the Ashurad. The very name of the city, ‘Dehrgada,’ is a combination of the word for ‘haven’ in each Tribes’ native tongue. Continue reading A City in Turmoil: Shield Legion vs Opal Truth

Worlds Within Worlds: Behind the Story Curtain

Hello everyone, and welcome to Blog Time 2: Electric Blogaloo! Last week, Rob talked about the different games that inspired us to create Project Resurgence. This week, I’m going to cover the other stuff that inspired the story and plot behind Resurgence. I like to wear our influences on our sleeves, so to speak, and be open about the things that inspired us. I believe that acknowledging that no works exist in a vacuum, and that influences are a good thing to have, goes a long way to making artistic creations more accessible to people who might feel like they “don’t have it in them” to be creators. The trick is to build off of the things that you love, and to use them in ways that feel fresh and new. All that said, let’s pull the curtain back and look at some of the books, TV shows, comics, etc. that got in our minds and just wouldn’t leave. Continue reading Worlds Within Worlds: Behind the Story Curtain

Story Themes! Get Em While They’re Hot!

Hello all, and welcome to Blog Time, which is what I’ve decided to call this post! I am your host, Kelly Herreid (Hair-ee-id), Lead Writer on Project Resurgence. I graduated with a degree in Film and Television Production from NYU, and it was my discovery of the joys of Halo in my senior year of college that truly propelled me into the world of gaming and all its wonders. It wasn’t very long before I became interested in working on games as well as television, movies, and books. I met Rob while he was at Full Sail, after he joined my D&D group. When he offered me a place on the Resurgence team as a writer, I jumped at the chance. What really drew me into the game was the dark yet hopeful world and the myriad of tribes and factions that vied for power within it. Drama! Continue reading Story Themes! Get Em While They’re Hot!