A City in Turmoil: Shield Legion vs Opal Truth

Excerpt from A City in Turmoil by I. Greystone:

“Dehrgada City. A shining beacon of light for all Tribes. Once a small settlement for disparate groups dissatisfied with their homelands, after the Twenty Year War finally drew to a close. With the defeat of the Children of Baric and the liberation of their Ashurad slaves, it was established into the sprawling metropolis it is today. It has become the largest trading hub, connecting all of the five Tribal homelands, and has been adopted as a new home by the Ashurad. The very name of the city, ‘Dehrgada,’ is a combination of the word for ‘haven’ in each Tribes’ native tongue.

“As the fledgling city expanded rapidly, a force was needed to keep the peace. This force, established by the newly created Dehrgada Council, was dubbed the Shield Legion. The Shield took to the streets, enforcing the laws of the city and ensuring the safety of all citizens of Dehrgada. Unfortunately, while the Shield Legion started with lofty goals, their place in the city has since become contentious. As they answer to no one but the Council itself, the Shield has steadily expanded their responsibilities within the city, particularly cracking down on the citizens in the poorer wards. With power over the courts, over sentencing, and over arrests, the Shield has become the only authority that matters to most of the people of Dehrgada City.

“While some, particularly those in the more affluent wards, accept this as the price of peace, the Legion’s power does not go uncontested. A rebel group has arisen from the slums of the city, calling themselves the Opal Truth. While rumors abound of their origin, some whispering that they’ve existed as long as the city itself, only recently have they gained a foothold amongst the citizens of Dehrgada City. As the poor and downtrodden are pushed by the Shield Legion, the Opal Truth has begun to push back. Demanding change and answers, the group has been clashing openly with the Shield more and more. As a result, harsh restrictions have been enacted citywide, trying to flush out Opal Truth sympathizers, even going so far as to install curfews in the slums and mandatory checkpoints in an attempt to undercut Opal Truth activity. These methods though only further inflame the ire of the people, and these flames fuel the Opal Truth. As the poor stand behind the Truth and the rich stand behind the Shield, it seems the city may be on the brink of civil war. Split between order and freedom, tradition and reform, only time will tell which side will prevail.”

Yay, more lore time! For this weeks’ blog, we thought we’d dive into the major conflict and factions in Project Resurgence; namely, the struggle within Dehrgada City between the Shield Legion and the Opal Truth. During Episode One, the player will become intimately acquainted with both organizations, and eventually must choose a side, though that choice need not be permanent. Over the course of the game, players will have the freedom to switch sides or even play as a double agent if they so choose. As we’ve said before, our goal is that neither of these two factions be wholly good or evil, just two sides of the same coin. It will be up to the player to dig deeper into the origins of both factions, discovering the secrets behind the Opal Truth and the Dehrgada Council, and ultimately decide which power will claim the city.

Much can be learned about the nature of the Shield Legion and the Opal Truth by the words of the common people in Dehrgada City.  It is well known that the Shield Legion is favored by the wealthy class, and many higher-ranking members of the Shield count among their number. For their part, the Shieldbearers maintain that they only want to protect the people of Dehrgada, and while they recognize that some in the ranks take their power too far, most agree that the power they hold is necessary to keep the peace.

The Opal Truth, on the other hand, is favored by the less-fortunate of the city: those who walk the slums, sleep in alleys, and beg on the streets. The Seekers, as those of the Opal Truth call themselves, protest that they should have a voice in what goes on in their city, and that the Shield must curtail its power for their many injustices to be rectified. While many in the group will admit that some of their Seekers have taken the struggle too far, they believe that their message should not be ignored due to the actions of a few radicals.

As a Shieldbearer or Truth Seeker, players will be offered certain advantages and disadvantages. As the Shield Legion is a legitimate organization in the city, becoming a Shieldbearer will afford the player a certain amount of respectability. This will allow them entrance to more exclusive areas of Dehrgada City, as well as provide access to higher quality gear and supplies. Of course, as a Seeker in the Opal Truth, the player will have access to their wide network of underground safe-houses as well as the thriving Dehrgada black market. A Seeker will also be able to count the many downtrodden in the city as their allies.

So that’s a quick breakdown the two factions, regarding their ideologies, methods, strengths, and weaknesses.  Which one are you leaning towards, and do you think it will make for an interesting central conflict of the story? Sound off in the comments, or come join us on the forums if you haven’t already! Thanks for reading, and have a awesome week!

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  1. Good question James. We'd have to balance that of course, to make sure it stays fair.  I imagine it as being in deep cover, and the player will mainly get access to the perks of the faction they appear to be supporting. And some benefits will likely be mutually exclusive, for instance Shieldbearers aren't allowed to use black market goods.

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