Resurgence Caption Contest

Hey guys, we’re running a caption contest this week that ends Friday night! All you have to do is go to our Facebook page, and caption the image above. The best entry wins exclusive early access to play our vertical slice demo. We’re looking for clever banter, like you hope to see in Resurgence, that fits the scene depicted. A heavy does of wit and knowledge of the lore are highly encouraged :)

Is this a game of chance gone wrong? A blackmail attempt? A mercenary interview? Or just a couple of chums passing the time? Show us what you’ve got!


Dialog System: Injecting Gameplay and Reactivity

Hi guys, happy Friday! We’ll we’ve covered the design pillars of Project Resurgence in one of my previous posts, and today I want to go a little more in depth on the Exploration pillar: specifically the dialog system.  Since Resurgence is such a narrative heavy game, the dialog system (I use the short version of the word, deal with it) is an extremely important element. We’ve spent many hours debating various features and looked to a variety of sources for inspiration, and in the end we came up with the following goals: Continue reading Dialog System: Injecting Gameplay and Reactivity

Design Pillars: Exploration, Encounters, Advancement

Hey guys! Welcome back to Design Time with Rob! Today I’ll be getting into specifics on the three central pillars of gameplay in Project Resurgence.  I know you’re all dying to know exactly what kind of game we’re working on, so I hope this high level view of the design will give you some additional insights.  So without further ado, let’s dig right in. Continue reading Design Pillars: Exploration, Encounters, Advancement