Kickstarter Update: Priorities & Plans

Hi guys, and welcome back to another round of Blog Time with Rob! As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been spending most of our time lately just preparing to launch the Kickstarter campaign. As it turns out, those preparations are taking longer than we anticipated, but we hope you’ll continue to bear with us. In the interest of transparency, that’s what I’ll be talking about today! So the big things we’ve been focusing on lately are (in order of priority): Continue reading Kickstarter Update: Priorities & Plans

Games We Love: Inspiring and Aspiring

Boom Baby, I’m back!  Once again, thanks so much for checking out our Dev Blog, and coming along on this journey with us.  I’m Rob (@Robsurgence), Project Lead and Creative Director for this ambitious little game of ours.  If you missed my last post, I went into the origins of the project, our high-level objectives, and what we’re hoping to do with this blog.  Last week, our Lead Writer Kelly (@KJHerreid) started getting into the major themes of our story, and today I’ll delve into the design of Project Resurgence and the big games that inspired these choices.  Alright, so let’s do this thing! Continue reading Games We Love: Inspiring and Aspiring

Blogsurgence: The Journey Begins

Greetings friends! And welcome to the inaugural post of the Nectar Game Studios’ Dev Blog!  We’ve been interacting with you all primarily through Facebook and Twitter so far, but we felt that starting a blog was one of the best ways that we could further open the lines of  communication as well as give you guys and gals some additional insight into who we are, how we do things, and why our current brainchild Project Resurgence is going to rock your socks (not even hoping, it just will)!

So first, a little about me and the project.  I’m Rob Buchheit (Boo-kite), co-founder of Nectar Game Studios and Creative Director/Project Lead on Resurgence.   Continue reading Blogsurgence: The Journey Begins