Kickstarter Update: Priorities & Plans

Hi guys, and welcome back to another round of Blog Time with Rob! As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been spending most of our time lately just preparing to launch the Kickstarter campaign. As it turns out, those preparations are taking longer than we anticipated, but we hope you’ll continue to bear with us. In the interest of transparency, that’s what I’ll be talking about today! So the big things we’ve been focusing on lately are (in order of priority): Continue reading Kickstarter Update: Priorities & Plans

User Interface: Where Game Data Meets Elegance

Hi guys! I’m Jean Charles (JC for short), the User Interface Designer for Project Resurgence. Have you ever held a job both obscure yet primordial? Something that, when your relatives ask, “ So, what do you do for a living?” your stumbling generalizations leave them completely confused? This always happens when I show Project Resurgence’s art and screenshots, and I’m asked what my participation in all this is. At this point, I usually scratch my head and fumble out, “UI…User Interface.” Continue reading User Interface: Where Game Data Meets Elegance

Matt’s House of Design: General Design Practices

Greetings all! I’m Matt Chen (torrmercury on the forums) a game designer (though I wear other hats as well) and today I’ll go into more detail on our game design process! So last time we visited design was with Rob and the Design Pillars, and he got us started on the overview of how our game will play. This week, I’m going to dig in a bit deeper and talk about general design practices and how they affect the creation of any game feature. Continue reading Matt’s House of Design: General Design Practices

Story Themes! Get Em While They’re Hot!

Hello all, and welcome to Blog Time, which is what I’ve decided to call this post! I am your host, Kelly Herreid (Hair-ee-id), Lead Writer on Project Resurgence. I graduated with a degree in Film and Television Production from NYU, and it was my discovery of the joys of Halo in my senior year of college that truly propelled me into the world of gaming and all its wonders. It wasn’t very long before I became interested in working on games as well as television, movies, and books. I met Rob while he was at Full Sail, after he joined my D&D group. When he offered me a place on the Resurgence team as a writer, I jumped at the chance. What really drew me into the game was the dark yet hopeful world and the myriad of tribes and factions that vied for power within it. Drama! Continue reading Story Themes! Get Em While They’re Hot!