Gathering Our Party: NGS Bios (part 2)

And we’re back! Last time I introduced you to four essential members of the team, and this week I’ve got four more for you. Each of these guys has also been with us for over a year, and their contributions have been vital in advancing the project this far.

Si TranSi Tran

Senior Animator

  • Industry XP – 18 years of AAA/indie game dev
    • 13 years with Electronic Arts and Crystal Dynamics as a Character Animator
    • 5 years with Industrial Light & Magic and Manex as a CG Character Animator
    • Joined Project Resurgence in May, 2014
  • Shipped Titles Tomb Raider (2013), Dante’s Inferno, Godfather, Godfather II, LotR: The Two Towers, LotR: Return of the King, LotR: The Third Age, The Simpsons Game, NBA 2K15
  • Team Role – Almost all of my role consists of creating and iterating on dynamic animations to meet the specifications of the designers and Art Director. I also work with code team to get these animations implemented in engine, as well as provide feedback and direction to the other animators to ensure a cohesive style.
  • Motivation – I’ve always wanted to be part of something really cool, namely a project that is more a labor of love than actual work, and Resurgence provides me that outlet! I also love the artistry and genre of this game, and all the good vibes among team members keep spirits high!
  • Favorite Game – The games that I worked always have a special place in my heart… but I must say, the arcade Super Mario Bros is still my favorite of all time!
  • Interesting Fact – I always consider myself a little boring since I do animation at work then go home only to do more animation of my own. However, I still find time to play classical/jazz guitar, record and mix music, go nature watching, cycling, and skiing. I also pride myself in being handy, from fixing electrical appliances to entire kitchen renovations with tile work, plumbing, lighting and electrical wiring.
  • LinksPersonal Website, LinkedIn, IMDB

Jean-Charles “JC” Dominique DoubletJC Doublet

UI Designer

  • Industry XP – 3 years of AAA/indie game dev
    • 1 year with Spiders as a VFX artists
    • 2 years with Dreamtronic and others as a Graphic Designer
    • Joined Project Resurgence in July, 2014
  • Shipped Titles Bound By Flame
  • Team Role – I’m the only UI Designer on the project, so I’m responsible for concepting all of our GUI elements from sketches up through final graphics. Generally, I start by working with the design team to figure out the specific needs of each interface. Then after several rounds of concept iteration, when each interface is polished for usability and visual style, then I chop them up and hand the pieces over to the code team for implementation.
  • Motivation – I’m especially interested in Resurgence’s take on moral polarity, as well as its general feel and atmosphere.
  • Favorite Game – Such a difficult choice. Let’s say Z, by the Bitmap Brothers. Pixels so sharp they still hold up, and that interface voice nagging at you when you lose (although if you measure by time played, it’s League of Legends, hands down).
  • Interesting Fact – I am a frequent role playing Game Master with an unhealthy affection for Deadlands, designer of the world famous Predator Angrinator, and volunteer for a Net-neutrality advocacy association.
  • LinksDeviantArt, LinkedIn

Nik HagialasNik Hagialas

Senior Concept Artist

  • Industry XP – 2 years of indie game dev
    • 2 years as a freelance Concept Artist (concept design, storyboarding, and illustration)
    • Joined Project Resurgence in October, 2013
  • Achievements – self published Edge of Extinction comic along with a writer
  • Team Role – My role in project resurgence is to work with the other artists to develop the most unique and thoughtful designs specific to the world we are trying to build.  Along with the Art Director, I have produced many of the designs for the five Tribes and other characters in our game.
  • Motivation – Because we are crafting a believable fantasy world, I am most excited with how the look of the game is turning out. We are giving the game a modern flare with the visual designs, and all aspects of the game are well thought out and researched.
  • Fav Game – Final Fantasy 7 would have to be my favorite game. I am very interested in unique story elements, as well as stellar character design, and I feel that this game encompasses both.
  • Interesting Fact – I am a huge metalhead, and love playing my electric guitar :)
  • LinksDeviantArt

Manuel MarinoManuel Marino

Senior Composer

  • Industry XP – 13 years of indie game dev
    • 13 Years as a Freelance Composer (mobile and social games, web, and spots)
    • Joined Project Resurgence in July, 2013
  • Shipped TitlesUniversal Combat, Elven Legends, Feudalism, Blood Crown, Knights of the Chalice 2
  • Team Role – I create music for the game, to enhance the emotion and mood of each scene. I also coordinate all the composers, to ensure a high quality result and consistent style is achieved with each track. This of course requires a good deal of communication in seeking solutions to many challenges, as well as creativity and technical knowledge.
  • Motivation – I love that we are creating a very detailed world, where you can feel your character develop in a full roleplaying way, with a twisting storyline and interesting locations.
  • Favorite Game – Ultima Online. It was the first MMORPG I played with a realistic crafting and market system, all taking place in a compelling world with lots of history. It was a real roleplaying experience where you could explore, fight, cast spells, chat, play chess, have a virtual beer, and even build your own castle.
  • Interesting Fact – I go very far out of my way to form lasting business relationships, for example I have travelled the globe, learned Chinese, and played MMORPGS for months just to get to know my clients better.
  • Links – Personal Website, Studio Page, LinkedIn

Thanks for reading, and definitely let us know if you enjoyed this personal look into the individual members of the NGS team. If so, we’ll do it again soon!

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