New Update Schedule

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a quick update on when we’re planning to release updates in the near future. We’re working hard on our Kickstarter preparations, and we recently realized that getting two polished non-rambling updates out every week (Blog and Pic of the Week) was just slowing down our progress too much. So we decided to cut back a little, but you can still look forward to a new update from us every Friday at noon (Eastern US time). We love sharing new info with you all, but we figure you’ll be even more excited to finally play this baby ASAP!

Blog + Forums = XenWord

Hey guys, just a quick update that we’ve installed a nifty new plugin for the forums call XenWord. It’s called a bridge, because it essentially duplicates all blog posts and comments into forum threads and replies, and vice versa. So now there’s only one sign in, and your forum account will be used in both places. You can read and respond on the blog or the forums as you like. Easy-peasy mac-and-cheesy :)