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Resurgence Update #19: Core Continues! Slacker Backer & GDEX

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Z0ner, Oct 29, 2016.

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    Jun 11, 2015
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    OK so I'm not Rob, but I am posting part of the KS update that went out today on here, so everyone can find it!

    Welcome back, Nectarines!

    Rob here. I know, it’s been too long guys! In this update you’ll find:
    • Kickstarter Update new plans
    • Cohh Carnage - PR Update #4-5
    • New artwork and in-game screens
    • BackerKit - Slacker Backer campaign (with Paypal)
    • Shout Out - Wasteland 3
    First off, I just want to apologize for the lack of communication the last couple months. We’ve been super busy just developing the game, and these updates unfortunately got pushed to the back burner. I’m sorry, that’s my fault and I aim to do better. We all know that none of this would be possible without the support of all our awesome backers, and we owe it to you to keep you in the loop with our progress. You put your faith in us, and we absolutely don’t want to jeopardize that.

    There’s good news though! We recently hired another Producer to take charge of task tracking, the master schedule, documentation, and general problem solving. Since I’ve been acting as the sole producer up to now (plus all my duties as CEO and Creative Director), this will take a ton of work off my plate and let me focus on big picture things (including backer communication). Look forward to an introduction to our newest team member in our next update.

    I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about how to make these updates more regular, interesting, and efficient to produce. Some of you have even mentioned only putting out an update every two months, now that we’re in full production mode. We appreciate the understanding, but I’m not ready to make that concession yet. I think the main problem stems from having to dedicate so much of my own time towards writing and publishing these updates (often at least a solid 8 hours for each one). As Creative Director, with everyone needing feedback and direction from me, I’m sure you can see how carving out that much time every month could be problematic.

    So, the best plan we could come up with is to start dividing most of that content creation among the rest of the team. Previously, we’ve always tried to have one “meaty” subject in each update, where we dig deeper into a particular aspect of the game design, lore, etc. I think that model is no longer practical for us though, and so we’re going to start using our blog again as more of a Dev Diary. So the plan is that we get individual members of the team (not just me) writing shorter articles about what they’re working on at the moment: interesting topics, problems overcome, cool techniques, tools used, etc. We’re shooting to put 1-2 of those Dev Diaries out a month on the blog, then we can compile them in these updates too. So we’re going to give that plan a shot, and as always let us know what you think!

    Read the full update on Kickstarter >>
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